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Workplace conflict mediation is confidential and operates on a ‘without prejudice’ basis which means, if the issues remain unresolved or conflicts re- surface, it cannot be brought into grievance, disciplinary or legal proceedings at a later date.
Does it always work?
It is important to understand that Mediation is not always successful and this can
How Does The Process Work?
It’s important to understand that mediation is totally voluntary.  Without the cooperation of those
Why Use Mediation in Workplace Conflicts?
Workplace Conflict comes with its own set of specific problems and a knock-on effect


Prices will be quoted per client and will factor in location including travel, overnight accommodation (if required) and whether the process can actually be completed in 1 day.

Typically, if the location is local and the process can be completed in 1 day, prices will start from £650 + VAT.

I also own a meeting venue called The Head Shed and can offer this as a facility where the mediation can be conducted. Taking the process outside of the immediate work environment is the best option as the conflicted parties can feel relaxed without the pressure of work colleagues wondering what is going on if an on site meeting room is being used.