Bob - Strategy Director - IT Sector

Running a SME business comes with daily challenges and plenty of roller coaster ride days. When it comes to conflict resolution between staff members who can’t be in the same room together though the last thing you want is another roller coaster.

After weeks of escalating poison between two members of my former business I was given a recommendation to engage Pippa to see if she could deescalate the tension and get the business back on track. I do mean get the business back on track, the impasse had got to such a point that our business was at risk and it was affecting the P&L.

The details of the conflict and the process we engaged with are in confidence between the parties but the outcome cannot have been better. At the end of the process we didn’t hug and go out for drinks and a meal but we have found a good set of rules to work by, and our performance as a business has improved from where it was before the problems started. Because now we have more focus on the tasks in hand rather than on the niggles and attitudes that brought about the conflict. What we have is a respectful and efficient way of working that allows for each party to feel they are contributing as a high performer.

Thank you Pippa for your, process, your insights, your knowledge and your care.

Practice Manager - South West England

I was recommended Pippa’s HR skills as a mediator when I had a difficult situation to sort out at work. Pippa brought exactly the right mix of confidence, independence and resourcefulness to help me work out the correct approach to take. I then handed the mediation process over to her and, quietly and effectively, she delivered the best result possible. I’m absolutely delighted with what Pippa did for us and can’t recommend her highly enough. Thanks Pippa!

Deputy Practice Manager - South West England

Pippa was incredibly calm and professional throughout the process and made me feel at ease in what was a very sensitive and awkward situation.

Pippa was understanding with both sides and helped myself and my colleague come to an agreeable solution.

Sally - Finance Manager - Manufacturing Sector

Working with a small or large team can be challenging but when you have two people that have a disagreement that festers it can upset the whole team.  We had an incident like this, it was only a minor falling out but it festered and the situation started to affect the whole team. This in turn started to drive the moral of the team on a downward spiral and their work started to suffer.  Despite my efforts to help improve the situation it came to a head when one of the parties was about to raise a grievance at this point we needed help!  I contacted Pippa as an experienced mediator to help us resolve the situation as it was now at a point where external intervention was our only remaining option before a messy grievance procedure would ensue.

Pippa is a true professional she came in and met all parties involved ran her amazing mediation process and within a day, the team and relationship of the two team members were well and truly back on track. The effect of the mediation Pippa provided has been invaluable we now have a strong team again who learnt how good collaboration and teamwork are essential for everyone involved. Pippa taught us all a great lesson in effective communication!!  Pippa is a highly skilled mediator I would recommend wholeheartedly!!