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Conflict is not something we proactively seek out.  In fact, most of us find it stressful, upsetting and destabilising, preferring situations that bring peace and harmony to our daily lives; at home, and at work.

If that peace and harmony is disrupted by conflict, we become unbalanced, unhappy and unstable.  If it happens at work it can have some pretty awful side effects; stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, depression, absenteeism or resignation.

Workplace Conflict Mediation is a really useful (and quick) way to help those stuck in conflict.  It can help them find a way forward, repair broken relationships and move on with an understanding of the other’s needs, and how their own behaviour impacts those around them.

Mediation, particularly when applied early on, is a great way to build bridges and save valuable time, effort and business upheaval.

If you are experiencing any form of workplace conflict, have given it your best shot, but have reached the “I really need a trained Mediator to sort this out” stage, please get in touch.

Why Use Mediation in Workplace Conflicts?

Workplace Conflict comes with its own set of specific problems and a knock-on effect for other people, processes and the day to day operations of teams and businesses.

If unresolved, it can build up a head of steam that damages finances, reputations, company brand and, ultimately, the bottom line.

How Does The Process Work?

It’s important to understand that mediation is totally voluntary.  Without the cooperation of those in conflict, the process can’t even begin to take place, let alone succeed.

Both parties are free to withdraw at any time however, they should enter the process with full agreement, total engagement and a genuine willingness to try to reach a resolution.

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