Why Use Mediation in Workplace Conflicts?

Workplace Conflict comes with its own set of specific problems and a knock-on effect for other people, processes and the day to day operations of teams and businesses. If unresolved, it can build up a head of steam that damages finances, reputations, company brand and, ultimately, the bottom line.

If left to fester, conflict can result in:

  • People moving into ‘victim’ mode and developing deep-rooted feelings that can evolve into mental health issues; stress and depression account for the majority of days lost through workplace ill health. There’s also the risk of injury claims against your business;
  • HR and legal costs associated with managing formal grievances, disciplinary and court proceedings;
  • Skills and knowledge loss if one party decides to leave and go elsewhere;
  • Recruitment and training costs for replacement staff;
  • Wider conflicts developing between workmates who side with one party, or the other;
  • Loss of productivity due to the conflicted parties not being able to work together in a collegiate way – letting clients down, behaving inappropriately, missing important deadlines, going off sick;
  • The risk of sabotage to company information, systems or processes if feelings of resentment are allowed to go unmanaged.