A Bit About Me

I’ve been in HR for over 20 years, many of those operating at Director level in FTSE companies. During that time, I have had to manage numerous conflict situations (some of them my own).

 Whether it’s been company-wide Employee Relations issues or dealing with clashing team members, it always boils down to the same thing: 2 parties falling out over something and not being able to move forward whilst the conflict exists.

Using my extensive Mediation and HR experience, I now support businesses in overcoming these issues quickly, effectively and in a way that seeks to strengthen and future-proof damaged relationships.

I’ve seen, first hand, the harm that workplace conflict can to do to an individual, or business, and I’m hellbent on helping avoid the spiralling impact that these situations can have.

My approach is friendly, supportive and, above all, impartial.   I’m a down-to-earth professional with a great sense of humour – in other words, I’m human.